Sasa & Mauricio worked very hard to create a special Natural Process profile which they named ‘Supersonic’. This profile is like a “fruit bomb”, with notes of cherries, blueberries, strawberry, juicy currants, and panela-like sweetness and creaminess. Mauricio utilises his experienced farming skills to select the beans that would be perfect for creating this profile. The cherries can come from either one or a combination of different farms. All coffees picked on the same date are then placed on African beds creating a thick layer of approximately 30cm to dry. 


For the first three days, the coffee is turned over every 24 hours to reduce fermentation. The coffee beans are then spreaded into a thin layer to increase clarity of the flavours. Once moisture levels have reached 16%, the coffee beans are moved to a cool, dark storage area for seven days. This allows the sugar to stabilise. Finally, the coffee beans are returned to the African beds until the moisture content is around 12%. 

It is a complex process that takes around 4 weeks, but the results are worth it. 

El Salvador, Supersonic, Finca Himalaya

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