In 2016, Sasa Sestic first experimented with Jamison Savage, the producer of Finca Deborah, on the concept of carbonic maceration and turned out to a positive result.


Finca Deborah located at 1950m above sea level, it is one of the highest shade-grown coffee estates in Volcan, Panama.

Their geisha coffee has won several competitions worldwide and continues to impress every person who comes in contact with its extraordinary aromas and flavors.


Amber VIVID lot is one of the most elegant and complex in carbonic maceration geisha coffees.


During harvesting, only dark red ripe cherries with 20-22° brix are picked. Then they are promptly pulped and placed inside tanks where CO2 is infused. 
Through controlled yeast activity, temperature & humidity, extended anaerobic fermentation time intensifies fruit characters.

Finally, 15 days of drying allows coffee to bring out deep fruit and beautiful floral flavours, rich mouthfeel and length into the cup.

Panama, Finca Deborah, Geisha

  • Panama, Finca Deborah, Amber Vivid




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