In 2016, Sasa Sestic first experimented with Jamison Savage, the producer of Finca Deborah, on the concept of carbonic maceration and turned out to a positive result.


Finca Deborah located at 1950m above sea level, it is one of the highest shade-grown coffee estates in Volcan, Panama.

Their geisha coffee has won several competitions worldwide and continues to impress every person who comes in contact with its extraordinary aromas and flavors.


Sasa Sestic CM處理法系列裡的新款Opal Enigma,風味上可以說比Amber 系列更濃郁,而且更大膽活潑,乾香如開瓶香檳,帶一絲乳酪的甜感,入口就是熟芒果、鳳梨的甜蜜,變溫後變為細膩柑橘與橙花的風味,稍放一會汽泡感不散,更伴隨著伯爵茶的餘韻,層次強烈多變。

Panama, Finca Deborah, Opal Enigma

  • Panama